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Track Your Success with Our Social Media Checklist

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Our Social Media Health Check includes useful checklists for determining your key audience, content types and essentials for each social media profile all in once place.

Our sensible social media health check

What's included

Audience The first question you need to ask is: are you still reaching the right audience? Writing down the key demographics of your audience and their three main challenges will help you sharpen up your tone of voice and messaging to truly cut through the clutter.

Content The content you share is your most important asset on social media. It helps build your brand image and reputation so you need to make sure it’s engaging and relates to your target audience. Don't forget about the rich and varied content types available.

Channels Some channels will do better than others. Your goal is to find out which platforms produce the best results so you can zero in on those. It should be easy to get data with the built-in analytics for the major networks. You can use this insight to decide where to invest more time.

Social Media Profiles Discover the essentials for each network including posting frequency, best practices for content and some space for you to add client specific details to help you guide your tailored content schedule planning. Included in the Social Media Health Check are all the main profiles including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube.

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