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Difference between "customer-obsessed" organizations and all others

A big difference between "customer-obsessed"organizations and all others is, they "lean more" on being "OUTSIDE-IN" while most others lean on being "INSIDE-OUT".. What does that mean:

OUTSIDE-IN : While you know what you want to build, where you think the market gaps are, you lean on "consumer & market insights" to shape your product roadmap

INSIDE-OUT : You use what "you" think and believe as an org to shape your product roadmap

Either in isolation is dangerous -- the consumers do not often know what they truly want, they do not THINK-FEEL-DO, its the inverse

Customer obsession --- is converging the following:

👉🏿YOUR beliefs & perspectives (your thought leadership)

👉🏿WHAT the consumer does (1st PARTY DATA)

👉🏿WHY the consumer does that (QUAL & QUANT RESEARCH)

👉🏿The SO WHATs - whatever you could infer about the consumer and their environment (INSIGHTs)...

Product, channel, campaign obsession is much easier (its all inside-out), customer obsession is VERY HARD (outside-in)

Do the harder part first, it usually goes further

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