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CREATIVE & MESSAGING -most under-estimated & under-leveraged assets

One of the most under-estimated & under-leveraged assets in driving "paid growth" on platforms like FB, IG etc is your CREATIVE & MESSAGING. There is too much focus on targeting, look-alikes, agencies and much less on "creative insights" which unfortunately vary by:

- Channel

- Platform

- Placements within platform, feed vs story

- Asset type - static, vs video vs motion

- Stage of the funnel

- KPI & Goals

What works on IG may (does) not work on FB

Your brand awareness creative did fantastic, will likely not drive conversions on lower funnel platforms

Messaging that worked on driving engagement, may not perform on social

👉🏿The smallest variable in your creative can have a big impact:

👉🏿Your headline

👉🏿Correlation between the ad & landing page

👉🏿Color palette & how it connects w your core audience

👉🏿Targeting or no targeting


If you re spending $100 on media, make sure you spend at least $10 on your creative strategy, insights & production capability, it may just save you $20 out of the remaining $90

Remember --- Media can only give you "reach & access", it's your "content and creative" that drives the behavior & the action .. Don't ignore it

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